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Technology Transfer Guide - University, Industry & Private Sector
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Difficult to find guidelines, tutorials and articles about technology transfer with and from Universities and private sectors are the focus of this comprehensive letter besides related legal matters such as contracts or disclosure agreements.

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The best technology transfer guidelines and tips are located in this section. There are covering mostly the University-Industry or private sector relationships:

  • Technology Transfer: An Overview (Nice introduction)
  • A Tutorial on Technology Transfer in U.S. Colleges and Universities
  • Technology Transfer Guidelines: Transferring technology from the VA Federal Laboratory to the private sector for commercialization
  • Guidelines on University-Industry Relations (Guidelines are designed primarily to assist faculty in their relations with industry)
  • University Technology Transfer - Questions and Answers
  • Inventions and Technology Transfer Activities - Information About the Technology Commercialization Process (Detailed)
  • Overview of Federal Technology Transfer ("..article is designed to place federal technology transfer policies and procedures in context..")
  • Guidelines for Invention Protection and Disclosure)
  • and more...



Besides the introduction and guidelines about technology transfer in the previous paragraph, here are more related articles:

  • Information to Change the World - Fulfilling the Information Needs of Technology Transfer ("..This article provides an introduction to fulfilling the information needs of technology transfer [T2]).
  • University Technology Transfer - Evolution and Revolution
  • Technology Transfer (Article)
  • Technology Transfer & Commercialization ("..European public-sector support for the setting up of space systems has been provided for compelling political reasons..")
  • Formulating Technology Policy in Africa: New Directions
  • Methodological and Technological issues in Technology Transfer - Forestry Sector
  • Expanding the Content Base of Technology Education: Technology Transfer as a Topic of Study (Detailed)
  • Top 10 Tips on Technology Transfer (TT)
  • Measurement And Evaluation Of Federal Technology Transfer
  • Technology Transfer and the U.S. Biotechnology Industry
  • Technology Transfer: An Overview ("..Technology transfer is specific, only occurring when a technology is used in a project. Within this context, we examine the roles involved in technology transfer: the technology supplier the technology user and the technology driver...")
  • Technology transfer and licensing of agricultural biotechnologies in the international arena)
  • From technology generation to technology transfer: The concept and reality of the ‘Dual-use technology Centres’ (Conference Paper)
  • and more...



Technology transfer cannot finalized without contracts. Below are real - samples from Universities but also related general templates found elsewhere. Take a look:

  • New Technology Disclosure Form (MS Word; for the State University of New York)
  • Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDA's) with the University of Arizona
  • Technology Transfer Service - Model Agreement (Confidential Disclosure Agreement)
  • Elements of a License Agreement ("..section is meant to be a guide and NOT a tutorial on drafting license agreements.." - detailed, but related to the University of Arizona)
  • Sample Letter of Understanding
  • Sample Confidential Information Disclosure And Limited Use Agreement
  • Guidelines for Managing License Agreements
  • Laws, Hearings, Policies And Programs - Technology Transfer Legislation Summary (U.S.)
  • Technology Transfer Policy (Health Care/Medical Center)
  • and more...



Technologies are available for licensing from Universities but also from private sectors. Here are a few samples to choose from:

  • List of technologies available for licensing (Biotec, Chemistry, Computer Science and Physics)
  • Over 100 technologies available for licensing (Biotec, Chemistry etc.)
  • and more...



Many has been published about technology transfer and below are some links you might find very useful:

  • Technology Development and Transfer - The Transactional and Legal Environment (book)
  • The Journal of Technology Transfer
  • Technology Transfer in Consortia and Strategic Alliances
  • Technology Transfer Report: Who's Doing What With What (Report)
  • Manual on Technology Transfer Negotiations
  • Models, Theories and Shifting Paradigms In Technology Transfer: A Bibliography (National Agricultural Library)
  • Air Force Technology Transfer Handbook (Detailed!)
  • and more...
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