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Noah's Ark and Flood - Discoveries, Facts & Mythologies
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Is it true, the story about Noah's Ark and the preceding flood? If following the Genesis, the story isn't made up and recently discoveries seems to prove this. But are these facts or hoaxes? Follow our guide to some very interesting articles...

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There are a few documents who provide some hints what may have happened thousands of years ago:

  • The Ark as history ("..'Make thee an ark of gopher wood: Rooms shalt thou make in the Ark, and shalt pitch it within and without with bitumen'..")

  • Physics and the Bible: The Terrible Flood of Noah ("..The 104th Psalm is a beautiful hymn about creation that complements the information given to us in Genesis and elsewhere in the Bible. Here, as in other Scriptures...")

  • The Flood Of Noah And The Flood Of Gilgamesh ("..The Epic of Gilgamesh has been of interest to Christians ever since its discovery in the mid-nineteenth century in the ruins of the great library at Nineveh, with its account of a universal flood with significant parallels to the Flood of Noah's day..")

  • What is the Purpose of the Ark, Fossils, and the Flood? ("..Why did God send the Flood? The people of that time were ignoring God and seeking their own pleasures. The purpose of the Flood was to destroy all civilization and start over again...")

  • The Morality of Noah's Ark Story ("..Noah's Ark is back in the news. The Guardian newspaper (in the UK) reported on the 14th April 1997 that "archaeologists are slugging it out in an Australian court over the final resting place of the ark...")

  • Noah's Ark ("..A true story based on the Holy Bible, Genesis 6-9 ("..After Adam and Eve sinned against God they were thrown out of the garden of Eden. Then they began to have children and all of their children were just like them--disobedient sinners. A few of them however..")

  • Noah's Ark - Truth or Myth? (".. For various reasons, many people today find the story of Noah's Ark quite difficult to believe...")

  • The Flood Story ("..a translated version of the story of Noah's Ark.." - Genesis 6-8)

  • and more...




There are many information about ark research on the net. but it seems that nobody has found this ark yet, even while claimed so. Why?...:

  • Before the legend of NOAH - Flood Stories Predating the Noah Story (".. According to an inscribed clay tablet discovered in Nippur, Iraq by an American expedition 1883 - 1886; A man and his family survived a catastrophic flood by receiving advanced warning from God, probably before 1800 BC..." - Article)

  • ...The Bible's account of Noah, the ark, and the Genesis flood states that the ark came to rest on the "mountains of rrt" where "rrt" has been translated "Urartu" or later "Ararat" during Armenian times. At the beginning of the Christian era...

  • Has Noah's Ark Been Found? ("..For two or three years I have been regularly confronted with the double question, "Has Noah's ark been found, and if so, why aren't Adventist archaeologists in the forefront of proclaiming this discovery?" This article is the first of a two part series to answer these questions...")

  • Has Noah's ark been found in Turkey? ("..Noah's ark is not entombed in ice on Mt. Ararat as claimed by some. However..")

  • Ten Logical Reasons For The Ark Of Noah Being In Iran ("..Around the beginning of the Christian era, readers of Genesis would probably understand the word "Ararat" in terms of the geography of their day rather than that of the Genesis narrator..")

  • The Search for Noah's Ark ("..In the spring of 1974, the world stood amazed at the revelation that U.S. satellites had photographed an object in the ice cap of Mt. Ararat. While some wondered at the discovery, a few staunch explorers realized the impact of the government's findings..." - Detailed. Nice done)

  • Archaeologists, Geologists and Geophysicists Discover Noah's Ark or Geological Formation? ("..Not too long ago, explorers claimed that they had found Noah's ark atop Mount Ararat in Turkey. Yet, two years ago, what some believe to be Noah's ark was found not on Mount Ararat but on a remote site about 20 miles away, near the border of Turkey and Iran...")

  • Ancient Mysteries ("..IS Noah's Ark a fact or a fiction? Are there credible evidences to substantiate the biblical claims that Noah's ark is a historic reality and not a myth? Whether Noah's ark is a fact or fiction -- the unexplainable thing is that every culture and civilization in the past and in the present have been immensely influenced by the story of Noah's ark...")

  • Facts On Noah's Ark (Detailed...)

  • Noah's Ark? Or elaborate fraud? - Tennessee adventurers document astonishing find ("..Within recent months a great interest has been resurrected in Noah's Ark; first it was all the jewelry and associated products hitting the shelves of the stores with pictures and images depicting the Ark...")

  • and more...
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