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Crop Circles - Detailed Facts, Theories & Images
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Crop Circles are very fascinating formations with beautiful patterns and are apparently located worldwide. While perhaps half of them are being faked, many seems not. To give a clue what's all about and to provide some possible answers, our letter guides to known crop circles facts, to many theories, reconstruction details and beautiful crop circle images.

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Crop Circles are mysterious formations. Here are the facts:

  • Theories on the Formation of Crop Circles ("..The following outline is a summary of theories and working hypotheses regarding the mechanisms of crop circle formation...")

  • Looking At Crop Circles ("..Today many people are on different agendas and looking at circles from their own perspectives. This has precluded them from information that is staring at them from the floor pattern - i.e. lodging, damage etc. What I want to show is only part of the way we look at crop circles..")

  • Crop Circles - A Deeper Look ("..Crop Circles are not a modern day phenomenon. They have been around as early as 1648 and probably thousands of years prior to that. In that specific year, a book was published called The Mowing Devil, describing circular formation in the wheat fields of Hertfordshire..")

  • Crop-Circles Corner (Facts & Theories: Articles)

  • The History Of Crop Circles

  • New to Crop Circles? Find out More!

  • Crop Circles: Fact or Fiction? (Article)

  • Crop Circles Real Or Hoax? ("..Our world is filled with mysteries and is far more amazing than any of us can presently imagine. But now and then a mystery reveals a little of itself to us and we are left in awe at the beauty and the precision of it all. Such is the case with crop circles..")

  • Origin of crop circles still under question. Prankster says they're hoaxes; others say nope

  • Crop Circles from Outer Space? ("..For over twenty years the southern English countryside has been the site of a strange phenomenon that has baffled observers and spawned countless news stories and not a few books. In the middle of the night, flattened circular depressions have appeared in fields of wheat, rye and other cereal crops.")

  • Crop circles leave people wondering ("..Two almost-perfect circles of flattened crops in a wheat field near Rocanville have left local people wondering what could have caused them.." - Article)

  • Unfolding the crop circles (Detailed. Part I - III)

  • and more...




There exist many theories about crop circles, with scientific explanations. But many are just speculations:

  • Diatonic Ratios - The Crop Circle Diatonic Code and The Society For Psychical Research

  • Several years ago, astronomer Gerald S. Hawkins, former Chairman of the astronomy department at Boston University, noticed that some of the most visually striking of the crop- circle patterns embodied geometric theorems that express specific numerical relationships among the areas of various circles, triangles, and other shapes making up the patterns...

  • The Sacred Geometry of Crop Circles

  • and more...




Crop Circles may be linked to religion. Here are some samples:

  • Crop Circles Mystery: An Exploration of Dreams, Mythology and their Potential Relationship to Crop Patterns (Article)

  • Crop Circle Formations As Chakras ("..The flower-like "Bythorn Mandala" crop circle formation appeared in 1993. Researchers pointed out that the pattern was very similar to the symbol for the third chakra in the East Indian religions...")

  • The Menorah Crop Circle Formation ("..The message of the crop circles is becoming much more clear. The magnitude of import is vast, to say the least. A breakthrough came with the appearance of the "Menorah" crop circle formation at Barbury Castle, which was reported on May 31, 1999. The Menorah, the lampstand with seven lamps, is one of the most important symbols in the Bible..")

  • and more..




Many of the crop circles may be faked, perhaps half of the existing ones. Here are some stories about these hoaxes. But we found also amazing reconstruction information:

  • Crop Circle Confession - How to get the wheat down in the dead of night ("..The truth behind the circles is, alas, almost certainly more mundane: skulking humans. Herewith is the account of one such trickster...")

  • The Anatomy Of Deception - A look at the claims of a 'leading' group of supposed circle makers (Detailed)

  • We aim to verify the man-made nature of certain crop circles by creating a diagram ahead of the circle being created, but publishing it in encrypted form. The key to decrypt this diagram is only published once the circle has been created and opinions - unbiased by knowledge of the circle being man-made - are formed and aired...

  • Zef Damen Crop Circle Reconstructions ("..Crop circle formations appear in various "flavours", from quite uncomplicated single circles up to very complex patterns. A reconstruction is made to better understand the design of the pattern. It is a drawing of the floorplan of what has been found in the field. Although very exciting to know, my reconstructions are not meant to find out how crop circles are created in the fields...")

  • and more..




However these crop circles may come to life, most of them are very beautiful and can be viewed in many image galleries:

  • Crop Circle Image Gallery

  • Oxfordshire's Crop Circle Group Web Pages (".The first place to look for all the information on Oxfordshire crop formations.." - Many images)

  • Temporary Temples Image Library ("..A unique source of crop circle and other images for use in design, publishing and the media. Images of this unusual subject are not widely available. This collection includes aerial photography, interior views and landscape scenes..." - Site includes also interesting articles)

  • and more..

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