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Ancient Underwater Ruins - Facts, Maps & Detailed Images
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Ancient underwater ruins such as found near Japan, Egypt or Cuba are fascinating relicts of our past. This letter guides to worldwide locations, facts, detailed articles and to many beautiful undersea monuments image galleries.

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One of the most famous undersea ruins can be found near Okinawa. The articles below cover them in detail:

  • Japan's Underwater Ruins ("..In March 1995, a sport diver unintentionally strayed beyond the standard safety perimeter near the south shore of Okinawa. A battleground for the last land campaign of World War II, the island was about to become the scene of another kind of drama. As he glided through unvisited depths some forty feet beneath the clear blue Pacific, the diver was suddenly confronted by what appeared to be a great stone building heavily encrusted with coral.." - Detailed article)

  • Underwater Ruins off the Coast of Japan have researchers baffled..... (".."In the waters around Okinawa and beyond to the small island of Yonaguni, divers located [ruins at] eight separate locations beginning in March 1995..... [including a] huge angular platform about 40 feet below the surface, off the southwestern shore of Okinawa. The feature’s artificial provenance was beyond question..." - Article with new photos of Underwater Ruins off Japan's Coast )

  • Japan's Underwater Stone Monuments - Stone Monuments or Natural Geology? Japan's Mysterious Submerged Stone Structures: New evidence suggests they may have been used by Man

  • The True Value of the Underwater Ruins ("..A unique structure was once found beneath the sea where Japan's westernmost Yonaguni island lies. People started to call this unique artificial structure "Undersea ruins"..")

  • The mysterious underwater pyramid structure at Yonaguni ("..a round-up of the news and recent developments in various studies of the mysterious pyramid structure that was discovered in 1985 by dive tour operator, Kihachiro Aratake, off the coast of Yonaguni-jima, Japan..." - Overview and web guide)

  • and more...




The underwater stone structures and ruins off Alexandria are a treasure for every diver and archeologist alike:

  • Underwater Ruins off Alexandria ("..Alexandria is the city built by Alexander the Great of Macedonia in B.C. 332. Alexander is accepted as "an incarnation of AMEN God" and accedes to the throne as the Egypt king. Ptolemy I inherits the king after the death of Alexander, and Alexandria plays a role of a capital in Egypt of the Ptolemy monarchical age over 335 years after that, and prospers as the center of trade of Egypt.." - Nice article with underwater images)

  • City Found in the Sea - Ancient Egyptian Port Buried in the Mediterranean ("..The scientists discovered Herakleion, the precursor to the once-powerful capital of Alexandria, beneath the sand under just 10 or so yards of water. Today, they showed off some of their most impressive finds atop a barge, including 20-foot-tall pink granite statues representing a pharoah, a queen and Hapi, the Nile goddess of flooding; and a 10-ton black granite stela.." - News)

  • The City of Alexandria, Egypt (More background information to the two links above with images and a map)

  • Treasures of the Sunken City ("..For many years, tales were told in Alexandria of fabulous statues and engraved blocks that were littered across the seafloor just outside the eastern harbor, but the area was a military zone -- off-limits to scientific investigation. All that changed in the fall of 1994, when a team of archaeologists started to explore the area in earnest..." - Nice multimedia site, articles, maps & images)

  • Canopic Region: Sunken Cities - Between Reality and Legends (Nile delta: Articles, galleries, maps & videos. Nice site)

  • and more...




More undersea ruins can be found off India and Cuba. They are thousands of years old. Fascinating..:

  • 6000-Year-Old Underwater Ruins Discovered Off Indian Coast ("..In a major marine archaeological discovery, the Indian scientists have come up with excellent geometric objects below the sea bed in the western coast similar to the Harappan like ruins.,," - News)

  • More Data On The Deep Underwater Ruins Found Off Cuba ("..In May 2001, the Reuters news agency reported on the sensational discovery of ancient ruins under the waters of the Caribbean. Oceanographer Paulina Zelitsky can lay claim to the discovery: this former Soviet underwater expert devoted herself to locating secret submarine bases and is currently engaged ..")

  • ‘Lost City’ Found Off Cuba - A Special Report ("..A ‘lost city’, that may be the fabled city of Atlantis, has been located off the coast of Cuba by a Canadian scientific research team, according to a recent report by a British press agency.." - Detailed article)

  • and more...




Nothing can inspire the fantasy more than images of the undersea stone relicts. Here are some of them:

  • Underwater Ruins (Six excellent underwater stone ruins galleries!)
  • Underwater Ruins (12 photos)
  • and more...

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