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The Great Sphinx - Facts, Construction & Images
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The Great Sphinx in Egypt remains to be mysterious as ever. To shed lights on the latest knowledge, we guide to Sphinx facts, construction details, dating debates, excellent articles and white papers -- not to forget the beautiful Sphinx images and photo galleries.

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Facts about the Sphinx are plenty, yet the Sphinx remains a mystery. For an overview and introduction, see the articles below:

  • The Sphinx (".The Sphinx, unlike the Pyramids, is carved out of the living rock. It is 241 feet (73.5 meters) long and in parts is 65 feet (20 meters) high. It faces due east,towards the equinox. It has been suggested that it was built around the same time as the construction of the Pyramid of Khafre.." - Nice introduction)

  • The Sphinx of Egypt - The Great Sphinx ("..In Egypt alone there are enough sphinxes that they have been categorized by type: crisophinx (lion body with ram head), hierocosphinx (lion body with hawk head), and androsphinx (lion body with human head, like the Great Sphinx). Viewed as protectors and guardians, the lesser sphinxes are often seen at temple entrances. Rows of sphinx statues can be found at Luxor and Kamak.." - Nice overview with images and maps)

  • The Mystery of the Sphinx ("..Along with the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Sphinx is one of the greatest enigmas and the most studied ancient monument of mankind’s history. The whole complex of Giza, composed of the Sphinx, the Great Pyramid, other pyramids, and distinct structures, definitely holds the key to understanding advanced past civilizations. There is no other place.." - Detailed)

  • Sphinx Introduction ("..The Great Sphinx of Giza belongs to the Giza necropolis west of Cairo. The site is a plateau containing the three great pyramids of Khufu, Khafra, and Menkaura, together with the Sphinx and a number of smaller pyramids, temples, and tombs..." - Detailed, w/images)

  • Types of Egyptian Sphinx

  • and more...




Pre-dating of the Sphinx is difficult. Here are some detailed theories about its age:

  • Khufu knew the Sphinx ("..A Reconciliation of the Geological and Archaeological Evidence for the Age of the Sphinx and a Revised Sequence of Development for the Giza Necropolis.." Detailed paper)

  • Dating the Sphinx - Introduction ("..The Sphinx, a statue which resembles a lion's body with a human head, currently resides in the Giza Plateau. The body of the Sphinx is made of soft limestone, which was cut out in blocks to give it its basic shape. In turn, these blocks were then used as raw material for the construction of the "Sphinx Temple" which is located directly in front of the Sphinx..")

  • Redating the Great Sphinx of Giza ("..Mainstream Egyptologists reacted with total disbelief when it was proposed that the famous Sphinx was much older than the 4th Dynasty. The Great Sphinx, carved out of limestones of the Eocene Mokattam Formation..")

  • Redating the Sphinx: The Debate

  • The Age of the Sphinx - The Language Of Stone

  • History Of The Conservation Of The Sphinx

  • Sphinx Erosion ("..The Great Sphinx on the Giza Plateau was not built, but rather carved from the limestone bedrock. Conventional techniques of dating the Sphinx have included analysis of its stylistic features, the stratigraphy of artifacts excavated, and the record of extant historical documentation..")

  • and more...




Besides covering the facts, there are many interesting articles about the Sphinx on the net. Here are the best ones:

  • Phenomena - The Egyptian Sphinx: A Mystery of Mysteries

  • So how old do I look? The Great Sphinx stumps the experts again

  • The Great Sphinx: The Origin Of Civilization? ("..The magnificent monuments found in Egypt stand out when one explores the origins of civilization. The pyramids located on the Giza Plateau may be the greatest feats of engineering in human history, that is until the 20th Century. The art and architecture of the ancient Egyptians are masterpieces which are unequaled in recorded history..")

  • Did Napoleon's troops shoot the nose off the Sphinx?

  • Who did the Sphinx's Nose?

  • and more...




Part of the mystery of the Sphinx is its origin and perhaps its link to the Mars. Why? Read on:

  • In Search of The Martian Sphinx ("..I showed images produced by NASA's Super Resolution Surface Modeling technique which had shed greater light on a distant object in the debris field around the Mars Pathfinder landing site. I equated the object and some surrounding geometric features to the Great Sphinx at Giza, a conclusion for which I naturally was lambasted by our steady supply of harsh critics.." - Sphinx on Mars?

  • Whispers From a Forgotten Past ("..According to legend, nearly three and a half thousand years ago, one of the sons of the Egyptian Pharaoh Amenophis II was out hunting near a plateau some ten miles from Cairo. Tired from his endeavours, the Prince Thutmose rested in the shadow of a mysterious head protruding from the desert sands...")

  • Keys Under the Sphinx: Decoding the Hall of Records

  • From the past to the future - The message of the Sphinx

  • The Sphinxes' Flood Genesis ("..Ancient Sumerian text details a cosmic flood sign so striking that it may be unique in history. It alludes to the tight looping of Mars' orbit for some 40 days and nights near the constellation lion Leo's crown. This apparent motion caused by Mars' retrograde nature shows up 21,460 BC on SkyTools computer software. After the flood waters receded, the Sumerian gods proceeded to construct the Sphinx in 20,364 BC..")

  • The Celestial Sphinx ("..Have you ever wondered who mapped the constellations, when and why? Come with me to the Celestial Hall of Records and discover the 16000 year old Celestial Sphinx, Hu, who was the blueprint for the Sphinx at Giza...")

  • and more...




Nothing is more inspiring that a few excellent images of the Sphinxs for all who can't visit Egypt:

  • Guardian' s Sphinx ("..The Sphinx of Giza is a symbol that has represented the essence of Egypt for thousands of years. Even with all of the pictures that we see of the Sphinx, nothing can really prepare you for the time that you finally see the Sphinx with your own eyes. Here's a look at the Sphinx that will give you a hint of what you can expect to see if you visit Egypt..." - Beautiful images)

  • Great Sphinx (Nice gallery with nine images)

  • Gallery of Sphinx Images

  • 4 unusual Sphinx images

  • and more...

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